getting tired of it all
getting tired of it all
2014-06-20 18:05:39
I purchased a Straight Talk phone in March 23,2014, ZTE Solar at Walmart for $179.99 + taxes.
The phone quit working after 3 weeks. Walmart will not replace the phone after 15 days of
The phone began dropping calls, would get hot to the touch and would shut off and not come back on
for several hours, it would become extremely hot while charging. Finally shut off and would not
come back on.
I had to send the new phone to Straight Talk for a replacement phone. I was informed I would receive
the package to send the purchased phone in within 7 to 10 business days.I specifically informed the
representative I did not want the label sent to my email address.
I went to Walmart and purchased a "cheap" Straight Talk phone for $39.99 + tax to use while waiting
for the replacement so I would have communications while waiting on the replacement phone.
I waited 2 weeks then called. After being transferred multiple times, with each customer service
representative requesting my information and explaining the issue each time, I was informed the
"ticket" had been cancelled as they had not received the non-working phone. The representatives
could not explaine to me why it was cancelled & not sent as I was informed it would be, Fedex. It
had been sent via email.  
After a rediculous time on the phone with Straight Talk and multiple transfers giving same informat-
ion to each representative, again, another lable was being sent again, 7 to 10 business days via
I received the envelope to return the phone to Straight Talk.
I returned it to Straight Talk via the sent envelope. Waited another 2 weeks, then contacted Straight
Talk informing them I had not received the replacement. Agian after several transfers, giving the
information to each representative I'm told they never received the phone.
I informed them I had confirmation the phone was delivered 2 days after it was sent and informed them
when and where it was delivered to.
They rechecked and found it was sent to Illinois instead of Indiana and wanted to know why I had sent
it to Illinois. I informed the representative I had placed the phone in the mailed envelope from
them, I did not put the address on the package.
So now I had a 2 to 3 day wait to see if the phone had been returned and after that I should receive
the replacement phone in 7 to 10 business days.
FINALLY I received the replacement, ZTE Solar, went thru a bunch more BS to get it activated & the
phone did the exact same thing in 3 weeks!!!! Dropping calls, hot to the touch, extremely hot while
charging then died! Yep!!!!
I am now, AGAIN, going thru the same company "process" for the replacement phone and have been
informed I will receive a "referbished" phone because I am not sending in a new phone. I informed
them the phone I received was a new phone, not a referbished and the phone I receive as a replacement
had better be a new phone.
I repeated this several times and requested my money back several times. I was informed company
policy was not to refund the purchase.
I was informed I could not reactivate the "cheap" phone I purchased as it was inactive for 30 days,
which it had not been. But they continued to inform me it was and I am waiting on a new SIMs card.
3 to 5 business days!
I went out and purchased another phone, $99.99 + tax so I would have communication while waiting on
the SIMs card.
Since I purchased the 1st Straight Talk phone, 3/23/14, ZTE Solar I have been receiving the fraud
collection agencies calls for each of the 3 phone I have had activated with Straight Talk. I believe
the new phone numbers are being sold to the collection agencies for profit from Straight Talk as
they are the only ones who know the phone numbers and I do not have any collections. It the next day
after activation of the phones they start calling. I Googled the numbers and each number is known on
on the internet as fraud collection agencies numbers.
Oh and yes, I am still wainting on my replacement phone.
2014-06-18 18:30:46
I get calls from them all the time. the id says local office.
2014-05-23 16:40:02
Debt Collector
Glad to hear it is a collection agency,  because I just received a call from this number, also. I also received a call a minute earlier from another "unavailable" number and I am positive it was from the same people -  just using a different number.
I guess they think we are stupid! These "degenerates" have all kinds of "gimmicks" to use!
2014-05-15 15:57:43
no one there
2014-03-17 17:44:30
They just called me again today. when you answer there is no one there. only silence
2014-02-26 21:10:15
I just called the number back and it is First National Collection Bureau collecting a debt
2014-01-31 21:01:29
Debt Collector
first national collection agency is who answered when i called them back.
Connie Jewell
Connie Jewell
2014-01-20 18:29:06
So annoying keeps calling like every 15 min!
2014-01-18 01:03:07
Had this number on my caller ID. No message. Any ideas who it is?
2014-01-17 19:14:40
Same here!
2014-01-10 18:00:41
Caller has called me five or six times and is silent the whole time. Really irritating
2013-12-27 03:13:46
Debt Collector
Bill Collector
1-603-206-8989 1-574-990-9898 1-864-724-1363
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