2010-03-04 18:41:14
CORRECTION: company is Account Member Services
2010-03-04 18:36:39
Call is supposedly from Account Credit Services. "Tom" answered the phone, then a female answered the same line, and as they argued about who was supposed to pick up the call, I interrupted them with the fact that I was returning THEIR call and they can battle over whose turn it was to answer the phone after I speak with "Tom", since he answered first.  I asked him which company this was who continues to call my house phone this past week, and he told me it was Account Credit Services.  I told him to remove my phone number from their call list, and he said he would, and that I should "have a blessed day." He cut me off when I asked why their company kept redialing my number after I already told them last week not to call, again telling me to "have a blessed day."
I'm thinking of calling their office repeatedly, so they get the hint, and then they can "have a blessed day."
Let's all sue
Let's all sue
2009-11-17 20:28:29
I sue folks like this. I sometimes have to subpoena telephone company records to identify them, but when I do, I come back here and post information in the appropriate phone number thread.

Unfortunately, I have no information about this caller. Phone rang twice, I picked up, and got dead air. Either a hyperactive predictive dialer, a war dialer, or a "listener" looking for answering machines to leave messages.

It does no good for you to post your similar experience. One or one hundred thousand people who have had this experience is immaterial and irrelevant. If you actually talked to someone, OR if they left a message, and have some actual information about the source of the call, then by all means -- PLEASE DO POST that information.

If you call them back (I can't do it, because I often start shouting or using obscenities -- and I hate doing either of those things.), that would be great. Post what you find, in the process.

What will have a measurable impact is if you, instead of whining here, complain to the FCC, the FCC, and whatever authority exists in your state: Attorney General, for example. If they get 100,000 complaints about this same number, they will be much quicker to track down the scum and make 'em miserable.

One other place to complain which may not help but won't hurt is the Missouri Attorney General. That office has had good success in making illegal telephone callers pay for their sins.

The best place, though, is in your local small claims court. You do need to know who this outfit is. But, if you sue, you can get between $500 and $10,000 per call. In some cases, people have been awarded more than $20,000 for a single tlephone call and in excess of $80,000 for three calls.

There's no reason for some state, or for Washington, to collect hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars -- and you not get a penny. The only way you can share in the wealth, though, is to do your homework and file suit.
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