B From T
B From T
2012-03-14 16:10:09
Finally got someone to talk to me once I picked up the phone instead of just a hang up.  The girl on the other end started a spiel about the Federal Reserve holding their rates really low and wanting to help me reduce my credit card rate and debt.  (Neither I nor my wife have ANY credit cards...)  She identified her company as National Bank Card Monitor out of Arizona and told me I could visit their web site, www.NBMsavings.com.  I informed her that the laws in Texas are pretty strict about using "automatic dialers" and that her company had called me at least once a day for the past week and that her call was the first to not be a hang up.  She told me it was a new job for her and she was sorry.  I told her that I understand her needing to make money, but that she might want to tell her company that they are going to get sued if they continue their calling practices in Texas.
2012-03-09 19:13:08
This party called our home phone number twice and said nothing, left no message
I tried to call the number after the first call and was told the number had been disconnected.
1-239-482-3803 1-360-460-3786 1-920-744-1486
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