K, Fritts
K, Fritts
2011-07-09 02:32:41
Been getting calls from this number on my cell phone  insisting that he's some kind of lawyer & hes suing me for taking out this same day pay loans like 6-8 of them $1500.00 a hit!! their is alot of woman who uses my name but he insist "Im the One" First of all I am a christian lady, am disabled & I
don't have ways to get around to go to these places!! I, tried to reach this number today on cell phone
but the operator said this is a non working number. A Joke right?? He just wants to scare this person, me out so I can get all my funds to him "The fraudster!!" Beaware of this crook..
1-847-808-2303 1-670-330-2940 1-916-572-8366
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