2010-01-07 16:02:21
(Same text as Lee received to my cell phone!!)

Called my carrier, Verizon Wireless, to complain because I have to pay for texts. Verizon was unhelpful: "Well, you can either block all texts to your number (so I couldn't get texts from my daughter), or you can accept all texts (so I have to pay Verizon 20 cents per spam text)". Gee, thanks. Guess Verizon is making a profit off this, so no incentive to help me out.

Verizon said: Call the number. I did, got a busy signal.
I filed a complaint with the FCC. Verizon's response bugs me as much as the spam, because Verizon is the one who profits. I won't be doing business with the spammer, obviously.
2010-01-05 18:48:20
This is some sort of company or a prank text to get your personal info. I do not know which as I did NOT respond to it. I urge people not to respond to it. I have NO idea HOW they got my CELL phone number... The did not call me, but rather texted me with: "Do you have 10k or more in credit card debt? Out debt relief program CUTS your payments and total debt by over HALF. No upfront fees. May we contact you?" This number is listed as another cell phone, NOT a landline, which is why I suspect it may be a prank!! What kind of company calls/texts from cell phones and calls consumer cell phones?! Beware this number! Beware texts to your cell phones from such places!!
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