2012-10-12 19:34:32
I received a call that the representative was calling from Brother re: our printer toner.  She advised me that the cost of the toner had gone up.  We have a Brother printer but do not order our toner from anyone.  We actually purchase ours from Office Depot.  Once I advised her of this, she hung up.  I tried calling the number back but only got a busy signal.  This is a scam.
2011-09-16 15:46:15
This outfit has been calling for the last few weeks. Most of the time they just hangup as soon as you pickup. If you call the number back you get a busy signal. I was able to call once and hit the line at the same time the auto-dialer was picking up the line and I heard it dial the phone then just wait.

Today is the first time I picked up a call from this number and got connected to a person. They said they were calling from Xerox Customer Service and that there is a problem with the toner for the Xerox 5120 copier we have. I told the lady that we don't have a Xerox Copier at all in our office, and that we never had one in the past. Then she kind of asked what other machines we have and I told her again that we don't have a single Xerox machine (since she is from "Xerox Customer Support"). She said she would make a note in the system. I'm sure the next time they call they will tell me they are from "Hewlett Packard Customer Support" and there is a problem with the toner on my printer....

Bottom line is they're one of those scam toner companies selling toner for twice the cost of the OEMs
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