Antony  R
Antony R
2011-06-06 20:55:53
got an email from twhitegraphic@gmail.com.
Carol Wegner
Carol Wegner
2009-08-18 16:23:52
You don't have to copy the card details and this will give them more opportunity to have more access to Bank Credit card to be used for the next Victim , try to Erase the card number from this forum.

Once a victim

Carol Wegner
Seller beware
Seller beware
2009-08-11 21:25:04
Following Information was give from the same e-mail:

Energy in the Power
2029 SW 57th Ct, Miami FL 33155
Tel: 877-288-4973, Fax: 877-288-4973
Date: 08/11/2009
Purchase Order Confirmation
Item?s Quantity Amount
144 Watts 20 pcs $802.08
Total Cost $16,041.6
I hereby Request to purchase the above products, Kindly Process our Card details below
for the total payment for the order
Charges Instruction on the card. Try to Charge $4000+$4000 on the Card Until Full the
Balance from the Cards until Full Payment Received
Master Card
Number: 5466160206102376
Cvv: 685
Exp Date: 08/11
Name: Adrian Fernandez-Romani
Address: 2029 SW 57th Ct, Miami FL 33155
Charge Instruction: You can try to Charge $4000+$4000 on the Card until Full the
Balance from the card, Just Make sure you run the card till you receive the full amount
order. Please advice as soon as payment gone through.
I would be very grateful for your mutual Business Co-operation
Adrian Fernandez-Romani
2009-03-31 05:52:55
i have a name address and phone number and maybe tomorrow a credit card number? i doubt any are valid..
if any one is interested i suppose the criminals check here too?
2009-03-02 17:35:00
I received an e-mail through a reliable source from a frankgeneralsupply@gmail.com with this same number. They tried to purchase $20,000 is Solar Pumps. They refered me to another e-mail address (elimitm@yahoo.com) to collect payment. Never got a name from this e-mail address. They always signed the e-mail address "Thank You, Sales". They faxed me valid CC#, Address, Exp Date, even the 3-digit code from the back. I googled the card holders name, and contacted the card holder. He verified the card was his, but knew nothing of this purchase. Heck, he didn't even know what the material was used for when I told him. He cancelled his card, and I sent the information to the consumer fraud department @ the Phoenix Police
2009-01-29 22:05:40
We received the same email; and several others like it.  TOTAL scam, do NOT respond!
juniata valley rv
juniata valley rv
2009-01-26 16:05:15
we have also got a e-mail from this person @ twhitegraphic@gmail.com wanting to buy alot of parts from us high dollar parts also so seller beware
RV Parts Sales
RV Parts Sales
2009-01-22 15:45:32
We received an email from twhitegraphic@gmail.com on our website and they asked to buy a lot of money in parts with a credit card.  They gave the number 720-230-2956 as a follow up number and we just got a voice mail with a different number.  This happen to us on December 15, 2008 and it was the same phone number but the email address was bergainhomegarden@gmail.com.  We know this is a scam, seller beware!
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