Lisa Sarussi
Lisa Sarussi
2014-06-26 14:50:40
Debt Collector
Calls more than 15 times a day...
2014-06-25 15:33:36
Debt Collector
In the span of 1 hour I got 3 different phone calls from Comenity Bank debt collector. I have an East Coast phone number but live on the West Coast, they start calling me at 6am!! I have even told them not to call back, and that it was 6am and they stated because I have an East Coast phone number that its not breaking any laws. One in KS 913-312-5184, OH 614-212-5298, & CO 720-456-3698. Never leave a message, I bought something from HSN for $250 back in Decemeber. I've paid $175 since then. I went online this morning ( My payment isn't due until the 16th of next month) and some how I owe $200 still!! WTF.
Julie Guillermo
Julie Guillermo
2014-06-23 22:14:50
WTF!!! The 913-312-05183 # dont know when 2 stop calling me. Is like they have no life. Than they used thiz stupid # 720-456-3698 thinks i dont know the difference. Stupid a** stop calling coz i dont pick up unknow calls.
Springfield, OH
Springfield, OH
2014-06-23 14:01:44
Debt Collector
I/we don't have ANY store credit cards, especially any of the ones mentioned on the long post in an earlier post on this site. We started getting calls in mid/late June. One left a message for what sounded like "Brittany Brinkman." This is not her number and we don't know any Brittany Brinkman. Now they are calling multiple times a day. We just shut the phone off. We have been receiving calls for deadbeats who put false information (false phone numbers) on the credit apps for years -- since 2000 for some guy who apparently bought a computer he didn't pay for and applied for a student loan and didn't pay that off, and also in 2004 rang up Capital One for debts he didn't pay, either. My husband has the same first and last name as this joker, but nothing else matches. We've successfully disputed at least 30-plus companies for 14 years now, and are now just tired of tracking everything and sending stuff certified. This is clearly a wrong number with calls for "Brittany" so we just unplug the phone. If it gets worse, we'll successfully sue, just like we were part of a successful class action against Allied Interstate a few years ago and won some money for our trouble. They've already violated the FDCPA by leaving a financial voice mail for "Brittany" on our answering machine. Successfully proving who you are and that a debt is not yours, although a bit involved (affidavits, certified letters, complaints to the attorney general in your state) is the easy part compared to getting these companies to stop calling. Why? Because they are not allowed to communicate about any of the information they buy or sell. SO, after you prove the debt isn't yours, they just sell the incorrect info that they bought ? to the next sucker debt buying collectors. And they begin the harassment of innocent people all over again. You prove them wrong, then they sell to someone else. We know first hand. We've been going through this for 14 years, one loser company after another. THE LAWS need to be CHANGED in Ohio and elsewhere that either 1) debt collectors MUST be required to notify future buyers of debt of misinformation (previous wrong numbers, etc.) OR once a debt is past the statute of limitations (and therefore legal proceedings can't be initiated) then all collection activity, including calls, must stop. This would put an absolute end to zombie debt being so lucrative as for companies to keep buying and selling information on consumers that they know is false. No one in America should receive zombie debt collection calls for someone else's debts for 14 years. Nothing in my husband's profile matched the profile of the original debtor ? NOTHING. Not address history, middle name, age, work history, ss #, anything. It all started with a lazy skip trace by some bank that gave this loser an internet loan online -- 1st Fnancial Bank (whom we'd NEVER heard of. A lawyer friend of ours got a letter from them, after we filed an affidavit, stating it wasn't us or our debt. Which has cleared us every time the loser's debts are bought and sold to new companies. THE SYSTEM AND LAWS NEED TO CHANGE. If Comenity continues to harass us, we're ready and prepared. Also, nothing ever comes in the mail. That's how you know they've got the wrong person/wrong phone number. They know this, which is why they don't send anything in the mail. They're just hoping phone harassment can press someone with good credit into just paying someone else's zombie debt. That's how they make their money.
2014-06-12 01:13:48
Debt Collector
Oh, I know it is a for collection of your credit/store card if you are either late, or have not made a payment in awhile.  I know this name is linked to my Kingsize Direct Big and Tall clothing.  Just began getting calls, but they stopped since my payment was in transition.  Now, I'll pay online, as the Postal Snail service is leading these calls to come in.  Pay your accounts folks, the calls will stop, or talk to them if you have economic hardship and cannot pay etc.  They actually do and will listen.  The calls have and will stop too. :)
2014-06-10 21:56:52
Debt Collector
Called on unrelated cell phone
2014-06-08 14:55:52
They call me like 25 times in a day
2014-06-05 00:44:21
These 800notes are lifesavers. I was getting these calls (For my wife) and they kept asking for her. The first time I said she wasn't available. They hung up immediately. The second time I missed their call, but thanks to 800notes, I knew what type of caller it was. So the third time i answered and said, "Yes, she's right here, may I ask who's calling?" [Sidenote. She wasn't and I was in my car] The voice on the other line said, "This is someone she does business with." as if I'm going to hand the phone over with this much information. I said, "What type of business are you in?"
Caller: I can't tell you that because of your state's privacy laws.
Me: What state do I live in and what law are you referring to?
Caller: I can't tell you that because that would violate our client's privacy.
Me: Okay. I'm [my wife]
Caller: You're gonna lie and say your're [a girl]?
Me: I'm [name], how can I help you?
Caller: This is so & so from Commenity Bank on behalf of Ann Taylor Credit Card. You have a past due balance of $18. If you give me your bank account information, we can arrange a payment.
Me: I'll make a payment tonight online. [I hung up]

I got home and looked up the mentioned account, and sure enough, for some reason, my autopayment didn't go through last month and we owed them $18. But that sure is a hell of a racket to get their $18 It just doesn't make any sense for them to be so rude and deceiving just to get $18.  Whatevs. Now if they keep calling, I'll keep you posted.
2014-06-04 22:32:13
i got a call from this number and they just hold for 1 - 2 minutes they they hang up. this is being going on for te past 3 weeks 2 - 3 calls a day
2014-06-04 16:55:22
Debt Collector
This company holds the credit accounts of the following:  If they are calling you you probably bought something from on of these companies.
Abercrombie&Fitch Credit Card
AdWords Business Credit Card
ALON Credit Card
American Laser Skincare
American Commercial Credit Card
American Home Credit Card
American Signature Credit Card
American Credit Card
American Home Furnishings Credit Card
Annie Sez Credit Card
Ann Taylor MasterCard Credit Card
Ann Taylor Credit Card
Arizona Mail Order Credit Card
Arhaus Credit Card
Ashley Stewart Credit Card
Avenue Credit Card
Bedford Fair Credit Card
Bealls Florida Credit Card
Bealls Credit Card
Bealls Outlet Credit Card
Bergner's Credit Card
Blair Credit Card
Blue Nile Credit Card
Bon Ton Credit Card
Boston Store Credit Card
Brylane Home Credit Card
Brownstone Studio Credit Card
Brylane Home Visa Card
Buckle Credit Card
Burke's Outlet Credit Card
Carter Lumber Pro Credit Card
Carson's Credit Card
Carter Lumber Credit Card
Catherines Credit Card
Chadwick's Credit Card
Chadwick's Visa Card
Christopher and Banks Credit Card
The Company Store Credit Card
CosmeticCredit Card
Crate and Barrel Credit Card
Crescent Jewelers Credit Card
Cruise One Mastercard Credit Card
David's Bridal Credit Card
Dental First Financing Credit Card
Design Within Reach Credit Card
Domestications Credit Card
Dots Credit Card
dressbarn Credit Card
Dunlaps Credit Card
Eddie Bauer Credit Card
Elder-BeermanCredit Card
El Dorado Furniture Credit Card
Express Credit Card
Fashion Bug Credit Card
Fortunoff Credit Card
Fortunoff VISA Credit Card
Friedman's Credit Card
Gander Mountain MasterCard
Gander Mountain Credit Card
Garden Ridge Credit Card
Gardner-White Credit Card
Giant Eagle fuelperks! credit card
Goody's Credit Card
Gordmans Credit Card
Goody's Stage Store Credit Card
Gold Violin Credit Card
Grand Rental Station Credit Card
Haband Credit Card
Henri Bendel Credit Card
HealthiPlan Medical Credit Card
Herberger's Credit Card
Home&Garden Showplace Credit Card
Ideal Image Credit Card
Home Shopping Network (HSN)
Home Shopping Network (HSN) Mastercard
Jessica London Credit Card
J. Jill Credit Card
Justice Credit Card
Kane Furniture Credit Card
Lane Bryant Credit Card
La Redoute Credit Card
Lew Magram Credit Card
Levin Furniture Credit Card
Little Switzerland Credit Card
The Limited Credit Card
Linensource Credit Card
Lifestyle Lift Credit Card
LOFT MasterCard Credit Card
LOFT Credit Card
Mandee Credit Card
maurices Credit Card
Marathon Credit Card
Marathon VISA Card
metrostyle Credit Card
MedChoice Financial Credit Card
MedChoice Premium Credit Card
Monterey Bay Credit Card
MyPoints VISA Credit Card
My World Credit Card
New York&Company MasterCard
Newport News MasterCard
New York&Company Rewards Credit Card
Newport News Credit Card
Norm Thomson Credit Card
Ohio University Alumni MasterCard
OneStopPlus.com Credit Card
OneStopPlus.com Visa
OSH Credit Card
OSH Commercial Credit Card
Overtons Credit Card
Palais Royal Credit Card
PacSun Credit Card
Parisian Credit Card
Peebles Credit Card
Petite Sophisticate Credit Card
Petland Credit Card
Pier 1 Credit Card
Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card
Pottery Barn Credit Card
Priscilla of Boston Credit Card
Premier Designs Credit Card
Rainsoft Credit Card
Reeds Credit Card
Restoration Hardware Credit Card
The RoomPlace Credit Card
Roaman's Credit Card
Samuels Jewelers Credit Card
Sahalie Credit Card
Silhouettes Credit Card
Smile Generation Financial Credit Card
Solutions Credit Card
Spiegel Credit Card
Sports Authority Credit Card
The Sportsman's Guide Visa
Springstone Credit Card
Stage Credit Card
Steeles Credit Card
Taylor Rental Credit Card
Talbots Credit Card
The Tog Shop Credit Card
TigerDirect Credit Card
Torrid Credit Card
Total Rewards Visa Credit Card
Trek Credit Card
True Value Credit Card
UnderGear Credit Card
uTango VISA Credit Card
Value City Furniture Credit Card
Venue Credit Card
Victoria's Secret Credit Card
Virgin America Visa
Vitacost Rewards Mastercard
West elm Credit Card
Westgate Credit Card
WinterSilks Credit Card
Woman Within Credit Card
Younkers Credit Card
Your Tuition Solution Credit Card
2014-05-30 02:25:25
Debt Collector
It is a credit card company. If you have a card you havent paid they will call until you do.
2014-05-29 23:46:27
Debt Collector
I belive that HSN also uses this Bank. They called me 11to times but never left a message so I blocked them.
2014-05-28 15:16:05
Debt Collector
I want these unwanted and uncsolicited calls to stop as they call all hours and multiple times a day. I do not owe and am paid up on my bills.
2014-05-28 01:21:47
And there in lies your problem. Email is not a legal way to handle this. Sending a letter via certified or return receipt mail is.

http://800notes.com/arts/Jb8EW-eDhQA/harassin ... ou-need-to-know
See Residents post here also:
Templates of Letters:

http://www.consumerfinance.gov/askcfpb/search ...

To File complaints FDCPA/TCPA violations:
Your State Attorney General
Their State Attorney general
2014-05-28 00:47:31
Same here.. I've emailed them over and over and asked them to stop but it doesn't do any good.  I'm filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and BBB...
2014-05-26 17:11:54
Debt Collector
I have an inactive, completely paid off account (since Dec 2013) with a clothing catalog company whose accounts are managed by Comenity Capital Bank. Suddenly I've started receiving phone calls from this number that comes up on CID as Comenity... they call at different times but when I tried picking up the call, nothing but silence then disconnect. Their website shows that they are located in Columbus, OH. The BBB also shows addresses in TX and UT. This number is a Denver, CO telephone number. In looking through the comments left regarding the company on the BBB website, the company left a phone number for their consumer relations dept but all it does is ask you to leave a message... their website provides no direct contact information either. I'm concerned that our accounts may have been hacked? (I also get calls from a Kansas City, KS number)  I did actually also receive a call from an OH number so I called THAT one back and (after waiting through the myriad of business names that they handle) spoke with a young girl who confirmed my account was paid off based on my phone # and address, but also stated that there were two or three other customers who had my phone number listed on their accounts, and asked if I had just gotten this phone number?!?!?!  I said NO, this has been my number since 2008!!  She took my number off of the other accounts as well as mine since I told her to close my account - if I am going to purchase from this catalog, I'll pay directly.  I STRONGLY encourage anyone contemplating a new credit line account to check for this Comenity Capital Bank name in the application and RUN AWAY if they handle the account!  There are many complaints on the BBB site yet they still give them an A+ rating.  I've had nothing but trouble with them and will never do any business with them again.
2014-05-24 01:52:56
Thank you guys for posting. I also started to get calls from this number but all you have to do really is block their numbers.

Also on a side note which is totally unrelated (but I couldn't help myself), when you use 'ph' instead of 'phone' it can be misread as 'pH' which has a totally different meaning than phone. Just putting it out there. I don't mean to sound rude or anything :)
A Heihn
A Heihn
2014-05-22 16:55:38
Please STOP calling from this number!!! It says Comenity at 720-456-3698!!!!
2014-05-20 13:04:52
They start calling before 8 am off and on during day.ANNOYING. I do not have any overdue accounts, banks with them or business with them.  Refuse to pick up.
2014-05-18 21:43:30
I have been reciving the same numbers and i am from Ohio
2014-05-18 19:10:28
I have been getting calls from both of these numbers I was in church and within 2 hours they called 5 times. Never leaves a message if it was important they should leave a message. Not going to answer .
2014-05-08 01:11:09
Debt Collector
So this dumb a** debt collector has called with the number 720 456 3697 and the number was blocked so they try again with 720 456 3698 and I block that number so again they try with (913) 312 5183. Gee guys do you think I am really going to answer the phone just cause you use a new number.  You people are ghouls and anybody who would choose a career path that involved harassing people who are obviously having a hard enough time as it is, are worse then any deadbeat.  As already stated you won't get anything from me as I am on SSI/SSD and that money is untouchable with any court order unless it's from the IRS and such. So continue to spend your time and money trying to collect the noncollectable. I hope you spend even more $ getting a court order only to then find out that YOU GET NOTHING. I can't think of a group of people that I would rather screw over than debt collectors. I do enjoy getting the opportunity to out your various numbers at these type of sites.

Newest number used..(720) 456 3679
2014-05-08 00:07:55
no messages.  have no business dealings with them.  adding to blocked callers lists and notifying 'do not call'.
2014-05-01 22:34:53
I keep getting calls on my land line and my cell phone from this number.  Many times a day...who the heck is this???
2014-05-01 21:06:55
They have changed their tactics now-called my daughter saying they had her ssn. and that there were two cases of fraud against her etc and threatened to go to her place of residence and wanted her to verify w forms of id. She didnt give any info out.  Original ph # for these guys is in korea and the supplemental #'s r being call forwarded to the us.  A personal name was given and they tried to sound official but they never actually stated that they were law enforcement or from the da's office. Total phone scam-have already reported it to the local law enforcement and atty gen office in ok
2014-05-01 17:15:14
Debt Collector
Debt Collector from Comentity Bank.
Handles VS Credit Card

Not gonna stop calling until they reach you personally. They just want to make sure you're gonna pay this months minimum on your card, at least.
2014-04-29 22:51:08
Call, call, call and leave no message.  Jerks!
2014-04-29 21:47:14
Comenity Bank also for Motorola when you buy a phone directly from the motorola website.  next time I will pay right away and ditch these pests.
2014-04-29 21:21:49
I keep getting calls from this number and they don't leave a message.  
Terra Peters
Terra Peters
2014-04-29 01:35:15
I don't use this bank card if it's from Dacotah Bank.... Stop calling everyday cuz if it was important, I'd have a voicemail
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