2011-11-28 18:49:23
Received a call from this # 1-800-580-3046 ,Tried to look it up and it cannot be found who is is or was. I called the Do Not Call # 1-888-382-1222.
2011-06-06 20:58:06
Got this call and no message; want to know where it is from...an establishment or a collection place
2011-06-06 20:58:06
uncover the truth
uncover the truth
2010-05-17 21:50:35
Debt Collector
I found this at a different site:

I used to WORK for them here is all there real and true information!!!!

The companies owners/ a**holes are are Lee Wydal and Susie Wydal

The location every one is talking about for the most part is in Carrollton Texas the physical address and REAL phone number are

Regional Adjustment Bureau
3310 Keller Springs Rd # 120
Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 233-1131

Some of the employees use fake names so here is the real sames of some of there alias

Supervisor of Nuvelle/Collections/Bad Debit
Alias--- Todd Patterson Real name Andre Hubbard--Supervisor of Bad Debt

Alias--- Josepth GEE

Real Name Zel Graham

Real Name Teresa Wright-Supervisor of Early Out

Real Name Brandon

Real Name Stephanie Hubbard

Real Name Charlie Merks

Real Name Daniel


Real Name Marlyn Parker

Real Name Latarsha

Real Name Lee Wydal--Owner

Real Name Susie Wydal- Co-Owner

This company simply calls outbound for collection other location such as Nuvell(a finance company)
they also have an early out department that does billing for the following hospitals

Cook Medical Center in Fort Worth Texas
Titus Regional Medical Center in Mt Pleasant Texas
Arlington Cancer in Arlington Texas

if these companies received direct complaints about the disrespectful treatment brought on by its employees and owner Lee Wydal then this companies would loose it clients and eventually go out of business here are the REAL COMPANIES information to complain to!

(682) 885-1485 Cook Medical Center in Fort Worth Texas
(903) 577-6000 Titus Regional Medical Center in Mt Pleasant Texas
(817) 261-4906 Arlington Cancer in Arlington Texas

When calling cook medical center in Fort Worth ask for Nancy Si'ko!!!!

All this information is true and 100% accurate DO NOT let R.A.B. owner Lee Wydal tell you other wise. Call these accounts and inform them about the disrespectful treatment and this place will loose those accounts and eventually go out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company is very small there bank account that all the money is deposited through is
State Bank & Trust Company a small banking company physical address Midway Branch
2517 Midway Road
Carrollton, Texas. 75006
Office: 972-407- 5957
Fax: 972-407-5959

Consumers may file complaints with the Texas Department of Banking by contacting the Department through one of the means indicated below:

In Person or U.S. Mail:

Texas Department of Banking
2601 North Lamar Boulevard
Suite 300
Austin, TX 78705-4294

Telephone No: 1-877/276-5554 (toll free)

Fax No: 512/475-1313

E-mail: consumer.complaints@banking.state.tx.us

Website: www.banking.state.tx.us

You also have a right to file a BBB complaint against

Regional Adjustment Bureau Inc and there following clients

Nuvell Financial Services and there outrages interest rates

Cook Medical Center in Fort Worth Texas

Titus Regional Medical Center in Mt Pleasant Texas

Arlington Cancer in Arlington Texas

Stand up for your civil and legal rights against a company that does not properly represent the positive and prosper direction this country in going in!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been informed now its up to you too gain the strength to take action against this company


The 1-800 numbers they use are 1-800-829-7750 and 1-800-580-3046

This company has a very high turn over rate so some the employe names/ Alias will change but Lee Wydal and Susie Wydal will remain the owners! Teresa Wright and Andre Hubbard are the supervisors. Jospeth Gee Real name Zel Graham these people will remian working there because they suck up to the controlling and negative owner Lee Wydal!!!!

Don't PAY a dime to this company or you will regret it!! You have been warned
Charlotte Swingle
Charlotte Swingle
2010-03-02 23:44:32
This 8005803046 number is an automated message generated by Cook's.  We have an outstanding balance with Cook's for a claim that is being appealed.  I finally answered the 800 number tonight to figure out who the caller is.  I informed Amy at Cook's that the automated message that is generated does not in anyway identify them and that it needs to be fixed if they want a return phone call.  I told her most people will not answer an 800 number call, not to mention a call that does not identify itself.
2010-02-17 23:05:17
continually calls our number and does not say who they are. does anyone have nay clue who this is?
2009-10-07 17:56:22
1-412-315-1476 1-425-390-8102 1-786-233-2280
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