2014-04-28 19:46:45
I got a message from an uneducated Woman on my voice mail. This lady was reading from a script and could not even speak correctly. She got tongue twisted beyond any words that were more than 3 syllables long. At the end of her message (her closing line) she said, "You have been notarized!" Ha! Notarized? Or notified? Miss Davis and the illiterate people she hires to make these fraudulant phone calls for her are a joke!
2014-04-24 17:32:21
Debt Collector
This number called my son and myself about my ex husband. They had a SS# and DOB but wanted me to verify the information. I wouldn't do so. Shannon Davis got very rude over the phone and hung up on me several times. When my son called on my behalf Shannon Davis hung up on him repeatedly and asked him for his BAR number before disclosing any information. When he refused the information she hung up on him. He called back multiple times only to have her hang up on him over and over after yelling at him. This sounds like a huge hoax to me. Dont give any personal information until you get a valid mailing address (PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS) then report them to the state. Shannon Davis if you get the chance to read this may God have mercy on you for the things you are doing to people you lying scheming woman. Good Day!
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