2014-06-02 19:50:37
Debt Collector
Alice B-something called leaving a message stating that a process server is in the area and that the person they are calling for has a court date for check fraud.  Strangely, the person she is looking for has not had this tel number for 6 yrs.  In addition, Alice left a partial of the person's ssn on the voice message.  Every 3 mos. some fraudulent company gets this number and calls for her.  So I called the return number and the individual introduced himself as "Mr. Robbins".  He would not identify his company.  When I advised him what his colleague left in the message he completely blew it off and wanted to argue with me about how they haven't called before. Don't take these calls seriously, they are a scam.
2014-05-21 21:48:38
Had a local number leave a threatening message about legal action, both civil and criminal.  Said I would be served papers at my home or work address.  Ended the message by saying I have been notified.
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