Jamaica, JAMAICA
2010-02-04 03:10:21
Event Reminder
I was talking to someone that said their name was John Burg.  He said he was calling about a prize being mailed to my house.  I asked him to repeat his name, he changed the last name to Brown this time.  I knew right away this was a scam, as I asked him about my shipping address, and what apartment.  I don't live in an apartment, so he could give me a correct response.
2009-10-17 01:56:09
A male with a pretty thick accent called from the "claims department."  He had my full name so I did not immediately hang up. He proceeded to tell me that I had won a prize.  The call seemed strange so I told him I did not want to collect on any prize and to please remove my number from the call list. He then started asking my what color my panties were.  I called him a "sick F*CK!!" and hung up.  The same number called within minutes so I answered hoping my number might be on rotation so I could speak to another person from the same company and I could complain.  To my dismay, it was the same guy.  He started whispering "I want to eat you!"  I could not believe my ears so I asked him to repeat himself.  Again, I heard "I want to eat you!"  Immediately I hung up.  Please do not ever trust this number.  I looked it up and it is a random number from Jaimaca.  The number apparently is not legitimate and I warn everyone to just hand up immediately if this number ever calls you because they are ingrates.
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