2012-01-17 23:52:45
This bottom feeder is Lighthouse Recovery, they are a debt collector. See below what the BBB has on them. And if you haven't gotten anything in the mail- screw them! If you owe a legitimate bill to ANYONE, you will get it in the mail. Unless, of course, they are scammers...

Factors that lowered Lighthouse Recovery Associates, LLC's rating include:

Length of time business has been operating.
79 complaints filed against business
Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
Factors that raised Lighthouse Recovery Associates, LLC's rating include:

Response to 79 complaint(s) filed against business.
Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
BBB has sufficient background information on this business.
Your BBB has noticed a pattern of complaints regarding Lighthouse Recovery Associates, LLC. Consumers allege that the company is contacting them for debts they claim they do not owe. Complaints claim that the company is stating that the consumers have applied for advanced fee loans and have not paid the clients who gave the loans. The company has not provided any documentation that the consumers owe these debts.
2011-12-08 00:25:08
No message left. Do not know who called me.
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