stop the fraud
stop the fraud
2008-03-21 13:43:38
Received cell call from number 00000000000, caller asked "is this (stop the fraud)?", I answered "yes", caller said I was picked to receive a Gov't grant, I hung up. Received several more calls from that number or similar like 0000001234, which I did not answer. Later. I noticed $29.95 was withdrawn from my account, whichi I had no recollection of, I called the bank and found this was done by "American Health Benefits". Calling their number and complaining that I had never authorized a transaction with them, they played a tape in which my initial "yes" answer to the question "is this (stop the fraud)?" was repeated over and over to all the questions they inserted. Later, received a letter stating that if I did not cancel my account with them within 7 days, my account would be charged $299.95, yearly. Further calls are an exercise in futility. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Mrs Caulfield
Mrs Caulfield
2007-12-21 20:23:02
Some kind of Social Security buy-out scheme out of Texas.
2007-07-27 17:09:46
Debt Collector
I received several calls from this number. When I answered they hung up; when I didn?t answer they didn?t leave a message and when I called back, got the operator saying this number has been disconnected. I searched the internet and found that it?s American Health Benefits. Their contact information:
American Health Benefits, Inc.
12200 Ford Road, Suite 344
Dallas, TX 75234

866-484-1991 Toll Free
972-277-8900 Local
469-522-0041 Fax
1-937-458-0754 1-416-646-8801 1-703-263-2460
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