2012-07-13 00:10:22
my husband got this same man calling him with his social as well, i called the man asking about this loan he is talkinging about and he wont give any info on our supposid loan. which we dont have. he yelled at me calling me names calling me stupid, and saying the F word and hung up on me twice, i called pretending to be someone else later that evening he would not give me the address to "send in a payment"  i have tracked his email address that he sent something to my husband (the emai made no sence) but he has it under a company name..amerilaw@usa.com....company: world media group LLC.....server location: bedminster NJ, 07921 and IP address and the phone number is a landline
and the man working with him calls himself travis griffin. i called the sherrif dept and reported them and also the BBB. please help us stop him he has alot of peoples SS#
2012-07-06 02:02:02
Got a message from mark Jones today also. Not gonna return the call. Have been getting scam calls off and on for 2 years. Thought maybe they were over because it has been about 7 months since the last one. Guess they are starting again. Do not give out any information! This is a scam!
Mrs. Jane32
Mrs. Jane32
2012-06-14 19:37:45
The same person called me again today. He also goes by Mark Williams and claims to be a representative from CashNet US of A as he put it. Stating that I have an online payday loan which I don't.  He calls from a 714-598-1141 as well. I told him today that I am glad he called again because I blasted him out and told him he was a fraud again and reminded him of the alias name he gave me before.  Then he stated how did I get your information and I said that is was scammers do to fraud you out of something that does not exist, he proceed to tell me that he was turning it over to an attorney and hung up. I politely called back and it went straight to voice mail and said Mark Jones.  I am keeping up with every bit of information, times and everything to bring this butt hole down. I also contacted Cash Net with this information. Make sure to alert all 3 credit bureaus and change your banking information.

I recieved a call from Mark Williams stating that I have received a payday loan from your company in Feb 2012. He did not state a specific date but seems to tell me that it was deposited into my account which is false.  I have never applied for a loan through your company this is the number that he called from(714)485-9593.  If anything comes out of my account I will be pressing criminal and fraudulent charges.  
Thank You
CashNetUSA Customer Support
Email: support@cashnetusa.com

CashNetUSA Response:
Important CashNetUSA Fraudulent Collector Information
Thank you for taking the time to contact CashNetUSA about your recent experience with fraudulent debt collectors. We are very sorry that you have been a victim of this fraud, and we are asking for your assistance in helping track down the fraudsters. CashNetUSA along with many other lenders have been targeted by several unknown and illegal organizations that are making fraudulent debt collections calls and referencing our company?s name.

? CashNetUSA values all of its customers, always obeys all collection laws and is working directly with federal and state authorities to locate and prosecute these fraudsters.

? If you haven?t already done so, please help us by calling us to complete a short incident report and sending in details about the payments you made. This is critical information that can help us track down the fraudsters!

Recognizing Fraudulent Collectors

A collector may be fraudulent if:

? You have never received a loan from CashNetUSA or any of its affiliates.
? You received a loan from us, but paid it back in full.
? The caller is unwilling to provide payment history information or proof of a loan agreement.
? The caller threatens violence or uses foul language.
? The caller threatens arrest or other criminal action or claims they are members of law enforcement including police officers or FBI agents.
? The caller has a strong foreign accent and/or speaks English poorly.

If you receive a Fraudulent Collector Call:
? Please be aware that the fraudulent collectors may have a lot of real information about you.
? Do not give out or confirm any personal information to the callers unless they are able to prove they are legitimate by providing you with loan contract or payment history information.
? Always ask the collector for a call back number. Keep in mind that the fraudsters often provide fake numbers, so there is no need to call them back.
? Tell them that you will not to make any payments or give out any personal information unless the details of the original loan can be confirmed.
? It is OK to hang up on abusive or threatening debt collectors.
? Unfortunately, because we are in no way associated with these companies, we are unable to stop them from making the calls.


We will take the information you provide and work with law enforcement to track down these fraudsters.
? If you are a current or former CashNetUSA customer or have never taken out a loan with CashNetUSA or any of its affiliates, please call us at(866)254-3581 to file an incident report.

Filing a report matters! Here is a link from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) showing progress they are making in stopping these fake collections scams:
? http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2012/02/acc.shtm

For more information, please refer to this FBI report on fraudulent debt collectors:
? http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/e-scams  

If you also wish to file a report with the FBI, you may do so at this site:
? www.IC3.gov

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published a list of Debt Collection Questions and Answers:
? http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre18.shtm

Thank you for being a valued CashNetUSA customer!

Best regards,

The CashNetUSA Fraud Department
Fraud Department
200 W. Jackson Blvd., 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Fraud Hotline:(866)254-3581
email: fraud@cashnetusa.com
Natasha P
2012-06-12 20:07:14
Debt Collector
Someone by the name of "Mark Jones" repeatedly calling, advising a lawsuit and leaving my ENTIRE (yes, that's right) Social Security Number on the voicemail.  Additionally, they were requesting to confirm date of birth, employer, and residential address.  They also provided the last 4 digits of a main banking account.  I verified with company they claimed to represent and not outstanding action pending.
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