Tried to scam me too!
Tried to scam me too!
2013-04-10 18:40:10
I just received a call on 04-10-2013 from 215-261-7824 which is the area code in which I reside.  The female on the phone also claimed to be from prizecall and I as well could not understand half of what she was saying. What I did understand her say after asking her why I was selected is that they received my number from a broker(s) because I carry one of the major credit or debit cards.  I asked her to give.me the name of one of the brokers and she couldn't, smh.  She told me that all I had to do was answer a few "survey" questions. The first question was if I was married, single, or engaged........Huh?! I refused to answer that question. I then in turn asked her what area she was calling from and she proceeded to tell me that she was calling from Utah!  So, when I asked her why the number appeared with a Pennsylvania area code..........She hung up on me, lol!!!  How funny is that??? I also googled it and read about the scam although I was already convinced that it was the second she opened her mouth, lol!!!  Please do not give these people any of your information!  Definately a scam!!!
watch out
watch out
2013-04-08 21:38:31
This phone number called this morning and said that they were with prizecall.com and that I was entered in a contest to win $25,000 and all I needed to do was to answer some questions. I could barely understand the woman and since I have never even heard of this website, I refused and hung up. I then googled this prizecall.com website and all that came up was that this company is a scammer that poses as officials for many other sweepstates company's and that they con people out of their money.  If you get a call from them, they are fraudulant and don't accept their offers.
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