I hate Quality Acceptance
I hate Quality Acceptance
2009-03-19 03:11:22
Debt Collector
This is a another phony number used from Quality Acceptance in Van Nuys CA, they do not follow State or Federal fair debt and collection Laws, they caller Spoof their customers with other buinsness phone number, I am sure the other Buisness that Quality Acceptance uses to show up on caller ID could file a law suit
A Bill collector can only leave one messsge in s 24 hour period, so they try to trick and deceive there debtors by showing up as a number of different buisness's. Write a letter to the Dept of Justice and report them, they will not harass you again, and chances are, you will get your pink slip in the mail verses making another car payment at 30 per cent per month!
1-424-235-5881 1-202-657-5862 1-804-680-3033
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