Brittney Clark
Brittney Clark
2012-09-11 21:21:03
I got the same call today. Same sounding guy from the same company. I"m sure i was being recorded as well because I could hear my voice. I told him I was not giving him any information. He asked if I had my computer up. I immediately got out of what I was doing. I told him I would call the police if he called me back. The first time they called it was 8188180005 and the next two calls were "unknown". How do we stop this? how did he get my cell #? I then called and made sure my number was still on the "do not call" registry. I can see how many people fall for this scam especially older people.
Computer fraud from India
Computer fraud from India
2012-07-09 06:45:34
Got the same call. Man had a thick asian/chinese accent, and said he was from "Internet Security". I was not so nice to him, as he couldnt verify anything... Including the fact a missed a call twice yesterday from this number, and recieved one yesterday but no one spoke but me. I said hello hello... hello? and then i got a beep and a recorded thank you. It sounded like my voice was being recorded. As I have student loans I know they use voice recognition software, so I assumed it was one of their numbers, until I got this call today from someone who couldn't understand that if I had spyware on my computer, I will go through my antivirus company to have it removed. Be smart people... NEVER GIVE ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER JUST BECAUSE THEY CALL AND SAY THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT. If you have anti-virus, which you should, there is a number you can call, and although it will cost a pretty penny, it is MUCH cheaper than having your identity stolen.

2nd entry from 800notes.com......
Got few calls from this number... First thing, when no one answer you when you say HELLO right away, it's a scam/telemarketing call.
Overseas male telling me he's with Internet Security Data and said there's spyware on my computer. I asked for his company name, he said INTERNET SECURITY TEAM. I asked for his company website, he said, INTERNETSECURITYTEAM.COM - i went there and told him that this website doesn't exist. and asked to pull my name off his list.

He tried to confirm my email, the one he had, i said that's not my email.

I played illiterate and kept the bozo on the line for 90 minutes while I did cleaning. He was Indian and even tho he was calling from a call center in new dehli he said he was in NYC.  I later threw in that I work at a cattle slaughterhouse and meat rendering plant hoping that would creep him out.  They will walk you thru all kinds of steps on your PC to convince you that your computer is loaded Roth spyware leaking your data to the world . He kept going on and on and so I told him I needed to use the restroom. For fun I made Ll kinds of grunting noises and fart noises and then eventually came back to talking to him.  He kept reading his walk thru windows script do I called my #from my cell and told him I had another call. I kept him on hold for half an hour  just for fun. They try to sell you their monthly billing security service. Big time scam.  I just mess with them and keep them going in circles.  They are big time liars so I lie right back just to piss em off.
Caller: Internet security team
Call Type: Telemarketer
2012-07-04 04:12:37
received a call this afternoon from this number,he advised me of my email address and said that my computer has been hacked and he can help me with a few questions, I asked if I could call him back but he advised that he is not able to give me a number since he is an agent from the computer agency...WTH?    I told him that my husband worked for an IT Company and he hung up
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