Victoria Martinal
Victoria Martinal
2014-06-02 17:59:23
Debt Collector

Just got a voice message from this number saying there have been fraudulent check charges filed against me. Immediately upon hearing that I knew the company was fraudulent themselves. I have all my finances in meticulous order and all my checks have cleared.
I found it odd that I couldn't find any other information for this Howard and associates company than this forum, yet another indication of their disrepute.

I called them asking about their company and they guy basically told me if I don't provide him with a phone number so he can look up my info he has better hints to do like to go have lunch! Unprofessionalism, another indication of a trashy business. I called back and left a voicemail letting them know I know they are in the business of fraudulently contacting people and that I have the means to locate and find them and that I suggest they remove my number off their call list.
I received a call back within 10 minutes from a lady who said they were looking for a Deborah jones and that they have contacted me in error. I find this odd since I've had my number for over ten years.

Folks be firm with them. Don't let them intimidate you. Be assertive and ask the right questions and provide them with none of your personal information! It's stunning to thing there are people out there going to work as professional liers and thieves. Don't fall for it.

Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers
2014-05-19 16:57:23
Completely Annoyed.
This is HUGE SCAM right from 2640 Cesary Blvd.Jacksonville Florida.next to Yara seafood with tinted doors and a FAKE graphic tee shirt sign out front . Everyone knows and talking about them. Do not pay them one penny. Contact the local police department. JSO Jacksonville Sheriff Office telephone(904)630-0500 NOW to report this. They will GO THERE   personally.
Then, Contact all federal agencies immediately. FBI.gov -Federal Bureau of Investigations, FCC,gov-Federal Communications Commission,and FTC.gov , and  the FTC.gov-Federal Trade Commission.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith
2014-05-19 16:35:09
Debt Collector
They have been calling me from 917-745-4823 and 917-932-0096. James Powell and Matthew Howard are the REAL owners.
Keisha,Heather,Erin, and Nikki run all the PAYMENTS  for processing at several different  locations in Jacksonville.
Do not pay them one cent. These are FAKE  debt collectors are from Jacksonville Florida.  Their real location for Howard and Associates is 2640 Cesary Blvd. Jacksonville Florida next to Yara seafood with a tinted door and fake graphic tee shirt sign on top. These are criminals. SCAM to get you out of your money.  Contact the local Police  and Sheriff department JSO 904-630-0500 so they can PAY them some special (VISIT)s by there and hopefully ARRESTS. Then contact all  these  FEDERAL agencies FBI, FCC, and FTC.gov and The Department of Labor  in Jacksonville Florida.
2014-05-01 18:50:27
Could this be the same Joseph Ulysses Grant IV?


Very interesting...
2014-05-01 18:36:21
In addition, their claimed address is false. 10460 is a Bronx ZIP code, not a Manhattan one.
I'm calling my attorney on this one. These individuals, whomever they are, must be stopped.
2014-04-22 15:01:53
Yes I just received a call from them today on my birthday claiming they were going to take me to court for a loan I got from mycashnow...they can go to hell. I never heard of that place.
Completely annoyed
Completely annoyed
2014-04-16 16:45:44
Debt Collector
Have been receiving calls from 917-745-4821. Chris Thompson was who I spoke to first and then he transferred me the lead investigator, David Mayne. They claim they are with Howard & Associates and their address is P.O. Box 4012, Manhattan, NY 10460. They do have a website http://www.howard-associates.org/ where there are two attorneys listed: David Mayne and Franklin N. James, and a paralegal: Summer Schwartz

I searched the NY State Unified Court System and neither attorneys were found. https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/attorney/AttorneySearch#search_result

Do NOT be taken by these individuals. They are not who they claim they are. They sound like they know what they are talking about but do research! Call the creditor directly and make sure you know your rights!

Question them on everything, request proof of the debt, ask for their bar number, etc.
2014-03-27 02:45:49
In my opinion, this is a scam!

Call Dismas Charities in Orlando, FL at (407) 295-1989 and tell them you want Joseph U Grant IV to stop harassing you and threatening to sue you.  Or call Joseph directly at 407-232-0281

Joseph is the registered owner of howard-associates.org and howard-associates.info.  He registered the domains on 01/03/14.  He lists a principal address in Orlando which appears to be a hotel with over 55 businesses registered there.  The registered address is the same address as Dismas Charities in Orlando "A NATIONAL COMPANY COMMITTED TO REDUCING VICTIMIZATION IN COMMUNITIES BY PROVIDING EFFECTIVE EVIDENCE BASED RE-ENTRY PROGRAMS FOR OFFENDERS."  Sounds like Joseph isn't re-entering very well.

The company that WHOIS has listed as owning the howard-associates.org web site is E.I.M. Training Centers, Inc.  The parent company is Edisto International Marketing, LLC in Las Vegas, NV.

Domain ID: D51314556-LRMS
Creation Date: 2014-01-03T23:35:54Z
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Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 83
WHOIS Server:
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Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID:SPAG-45370809
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Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 8421 S Orange Blossom Trl
Registrant City:ORLANDO
Registrant State/Province:FL
Registrant Postal Code:32809
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.4072320281
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Admin ID:SPAG-45370809
Admin Name:Joseph Grant
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: 8421 S Orange Blossom Trl
Admin City:ORLANDO
Admin State/Province:FL
Admin Postal Code:32809
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Leslie Atwood
Leslie Atwood
2014-03-14 17:02:30
Who Do I contact about this David R. Mayne person who's been calling me so they make him stop???
2014-03-03 15:10:51
Debt Collector
Please stop we never took out a loan and but they call trying to scare us.. Well let the games begin be adjust if anything comes out of my account legal problems are gonna be real... scam artists verys real job losers
2014-01-03 20:30:17
Debt Collector
I began receiving calls from this company about a month ago.  I immediately filed complaints with FCC, FTC, FBI, IC3 and my local police department after the only evidence this man could show me was a letter (that wasn't very official looking) stating I owed 'Cashjar' on a loan. Not one shred of evidence of this so called loan.  Just this letter with a docket number and an amount.  I also contacted Cash Jar and they provided evidence that I never did business with them.  I thought this was over and done but they began calling again today and have now started calling family and friends.  I have had to change by banking information as they had this also.   I contacted the New York bar association and there is NO lawyer with this name in their database since 1862.  I don't know where to turn now. Please file complaints with everyone if they call you so none of us have to deal with these people any more!
2013-11-17 15:34:30
I was called on Friday 11-15-13 by this David Mayne, saying that he was going to garnish wages if I did not submit payment in the next 24 to 48 business hours for a payday loan I supposedly took out on March of 2011.     He stated I used My Cashnow, but could have been some others such as Cash Net, Advance America.   He has all my personal information, which must have been sold or stolen from a application I filled out on the Internet.   From what I have researched, a legal debit collector is obligated to submit in writing by mail of this collection.   Also when talking to them, asked them their ID number, business licence number.   This ticks them off.   Also from what I understand if you request certified documents showing where you signed for such loan they must provide it.   I hope this helpful, bottom line this person is a scammer so don't pay them any money.
2013-11-12 03:45:30
Please do file reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice,FTC & FCC..


Also read up on the laws and your rights:

http://www.consumerfinance.gov/askcfpb/search ...

And see:

http://800notes.com/forum/ta-86217073a9c8dad/ ... 077595690349410
http://800notes.com/arts/Jb8EW-eDhQA/harassin ... ou-need-to-know
Section 809 of the FDCPA http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf requires 3rd-party debt collectors to give debtors written notice of debt (the key word is *shall*) :
"§ 809. Validation of debts
(a) Within five days after the initial communication with a consumer in connection with the collection of any debt, a debt collector shall, unless the following information is contained in the initial communication or the consumer has paid the debt, send the consumer a written notice containing?
(1) the amount of the debt;
(2) the name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed;
(3) a statement that unless the consumer, within thirty days after receipt of the notice, disputes the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector;
(4) a statement that if the consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within the thirty-day period that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, the debt collector will obtain verification of the debt or a copy of a judgment against the consumer and a copy of such verification or judgment will be mailed to the consumer by the debt collector; and
(5) a statement that, upon the consumer?s written request within the thirty-day period, the debt collector will provide the consumer with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the current creditor."
A Collection Agent May Not?

Here are the top 11 actions prohibited by the The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:

Misrepresent Him or Herself

  A debt collector may not misrepresent himself as an attorney or law enforcement officer.

Use the Telephone to Annoy or Harass

  A collection agent may not cause a telephone to ring or engage any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with an intent to annoy, abuse, or harass anyone at the called number.

Threaten Arrest or Lawsuit

  A collection agent may not threaten a consumer with arrest. It may not threaten legal action that is either not permitted or not actually contemplated. In other words, a the threat of a lawsuit may be an empty one.

Use Abusive or Threatening Language

  A debt collector may no use abusive or profane language in the course of communication related to the debt.

Publish a Bad Debt List

  Publishing the consumer?s name or address on a "bad debt" list is prohibited.

Contact By Embarrassing Media

  A debt collector may not communicate with a consumer by post card. It may not use any language or symbol, other than the debt collector?s address, on any envelope when communicating with a consumer by use of the mails or by telegram. A debt collector may use its business name if such name does not indicate it is in the debt collection business.

Contact a Consumer at Work

  A collection agent may not communicate with consumers at their place of employment after being told this is unacceptable or prohibited by the employer.

Seek Unjustifiable Amounts

  A debt collector may not demand any amounts not permitted under an applicable contract or as provided under law.

Contact a Consumer Represented by an Attorney

  A collection agent may not contact a consumer after it learns the consumer is represented by a lawyer.

Communicate With a Consumer After Receiving a Validation Request

  If a consumer sends a written §1692g response within 30 days, the collection agent may not communicate with the consumer until it mails the consumer the requested verification of original creditor's name and address.

Communicate With Third Parties

  A debt collector may not reveal or discuss the nature of a consumer?s debts with third parties other than the consumer?s spouse or attorney. A collection agent may contact neighbors or co-workers only to obtain location information. It may contact a third party again if it has reason to believe the information the party provided previously is false.

Bills.com FDCPA FAQ

Below are questions Bills.com readers ask frequently:

Can a Collection Agent Call My Cell Phone?

  Yes. However, if you tell the debt collector it may not use that number because it is a cell phone, it may not contact you again at that number.

I Keep Receiving Dozens of Calls From Collection Agents. Is That Legal?

  No. Unscrupulous collection agents will use "block parties" or "office parties" where they contact a consumer, multiple neighbors, or co-workers telling them they need to reach the consumer on an urgent matter. This is not permitted under the FDCPA.

A Collector Says I Will Be Arrested if I Do Not Pay

  This was a true statement before the US Civil War, but has not been true since. People may be arrested if an aggressive judge files a bench warrant for a person who does not appear at a hearing relating to a lawsuit regarding a debt. However, in that case, the offense is the failure to respond to a court order, and not the existence of the debt. As stated above, it is illegal under the FDCPA to threaten a consumer with arrest if the consumer does not pay the debt.
Extortion Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans

Washington, D.C.
December 07, 2010  FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

? filed under: Press Release

The Internet Crime Complaint Center has received many complaints from victims of payday loan telephone collection scams. Callers claim the victim is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay the loan to avoid legal consequences. The callers purport to be representatives of the FBI, Federal Legislative Department, various law firms, or other legitimate-sounding agencies. They claim to be collecting debts for companies such as United Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Net, and other Internet check-cashing services.

According to complaints received from the public, the callers have accurate data about victims, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, employer information, bank account numbers, and the names and telephone numbers of relatives and friends. How the fraudsters obtained the personal information varies, but in some cases victims have reported they completed online applications for other loans or credit cards before the calls started.

The fraudsters relentlessly call the victim?s home, cell phone, and place of employment. They refuse to provide any details about the alleged payday loans and become abusive when questioned. The callers have threatened victims with legal actions, arrests, and, in some cases, physical violence if they do not pay. In many cases, the callers harass victims? relatives, friends, and employers.
2013-11-12 02:43:34
2013-11-07 18:18:14
Debt Collector
I received the call today 11/7/2013. He doesn't know what loan company I owed. I called cash now ( the original buisness he said I took the loan from) and they said I've never done business with them. When I called him back he says it could be from cash net or any other cash loan place but he wasn't sure. When I asked what account I received the loan in he gave me the last four numbers. I called wells Fargo and I never had an account with those last four digits. I ask for a letter in writting and he says he's going to email me one. I guess will see
2013-10-23 16:05:31
Debt Collector
I received the same phone call today. They also have been calling my parents home. I am not going to do anything until I received something in the mail explaining this. David Mayne is the person that calls saying he is an attorney, very nasty and rude.
2013-10-23 15:20:16
They called me today for My Cash now,,it was an internet loan I took out. So I researched and found they are in bankruptcy but I also found this link that states they can still collect it!! Waiting for my letter.

http://thelawdictionary.org/article/if-i-owe- ... ve-to-pay-them/
2013-10-22 23:05:47
They say they are representing MyCashNow  which is a payday loan company which filed for bankruptcy.  Has anyone else received a call?
2013-10-19 14:19:34
They can't:

"IF they do not provide you with the verification of the debt, the debt is invalid and not subject to collection.  PAY NOTHING TO ANYBODY UNLESS THEY PROVIDE YOU WITH WRITTEN VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT, AND ONLY THEN IF YOU FEEL THE DEBT IS VALID - otherwise, let them sue you for the debt, as a real law firm will only bring a legal action on a truly valid debt".  

2013-10-19 14:11:47
They called me yesterday and said they were going to garnish my wages and I have not received anything in writing about this.  Wanted my card info so they could take deductions from my account in order to prevent garnishments. I wont give them card info definitely but can they garnish your wages without you getting anything in writing first?
2013-10-17 03:24:08
Prank Call
I got a call from this number, calls my Mom house number and threatens her about taking me to court and harass about a loan that I took out. This man that calls himself David Mayne say's he is a Lawyer. Nasty person taking to us like that has no business, no right at all.
2013-10-16 15:39:17
got a call from them too, it was about a  loan I took out, I'm going to wait and see what happens it was 3 years ago.
2013-10-10 21:34:47
Got a call from 917-745-4823-----Howard and Associates----- called my work ###- several times I hung up-- said they are about to garnish my wages??????? I said I haven't rec anything in writing what is this about---he wouldn't tell me--i asked  for his address so my lawyer could mail him a letter-- got very rude-so i hung up---who are these people??? don't see them listed when i do a search by phone ## this is what came up
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